About Z Beds Limited

Nicola Folding Single Guest Bed from Z Beds

Z Beds Limited is an on-line Internet shop successfully first established in 2009, originally as Head for Bed Limited. (head4bed.co.uk). We are here to provide UK customers with guest or occasional folding beds from selected Continental manufacturers with products which meet the quality standards we demand. We also offer stylish and modern bedroom furniture manufactured in metal by a top-quality British manufacturer, Swanglen Metal Products.

As well as achieving quality and design thresholds, manufacturing plants are inspected to ensure all Z Beds products meet our customers’ requirements.

Our aim is full customer pleasure with the products that they have purchased.

The bed pictured is the Nicola, our most popular folding bed. Details

Who’s Who at Z Beds Limited

Our directors are the people who look after our customers and they are: –

  • Diane Woodhouse takes care of customers and their orders, phone calls and correspondence.
  • Darrel Nichols also assists Diane.
  • Keith Dunk is the senior director and makes sure of good governance, that Z Beds operates properly and stock and supplies are available.